How taxi Services in India Dealing with the Pandemic

The 2nd wave of coronavirus pandemic is more dangerous and disturbing more than ever. It affected every single individual & businesses and taxi services are no different. The outbreak of the Pandemic hit the taxi services terrifically as the offices have emptied and there is minimal demand for the same. Most of the companies are undergoing pressure to deal with the situation due to lockdowns on several states and travel restrictions. COVID 19 indeed affected the livelihood of drivers, and even they are unable to meet their basic requirements due to this harsh impact.

The taxi services in India are waiting for things to go their way and to hit the road once again with full swing and dedication. As we know, the virus will stay there for an undefined time; they are preparing themselves to deal with the situation by taking necessary measures.

Hence, the taxi services are preparing themselves with a definite roadmap to start their services afresh. They are planning to adopt all the safety measures for the benefits of the travelers and protect them from the highly contagious virus.

We at Shrine Taxi make every effort to maintain the highest standard of hygiene, instructed our drivers to use a mask, hand sanitizers without fail, and keep disinfecting the taxis at regular intervals.

Taxi service is an essential service that commutes countless passengers daily, and there is a high chance of transmission of the dreadful disease due to higher mobility. Hence, we are adding all the necessary measures to ensure our travelers a comfortable and safe ride. We have trained our drivers to follow the government guidelines while on the road and advised them to self-quarantine themselves if they feel any symptom of COVID 19.

We also urge our customers to wash their hands thoroughly before and after the ride and cover their faces with a protective mask. We have to fight against this Pandemic together for a better life and livelihood. So, we assure you utmost safety and convenience from our side, but avail of the service only if you have an emergency. Stay safe and follow the basic recommendations; we will win for sure.

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